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One of JoeFitAsia's top brand products in 2023 will be SMARTfit, and I am excited to introduce them to you today.

I have enjoyed being associated with SMARTfit in the past and am excited to be moving forward with them again. I am sure you will find SMARTfit one of the best in the marketplace today.

SMARTfit is one of the 12 Personal Wellness Ecosystem modalities for JoeFitAsia's 'Fit & Well Franchise" concepts. For more information, please see 'Fit & Well' on the Home page.

SMARTfit - It's a No Brainer.

February 6, 2023


What if we could delay or substantially slow the progression of dementia or Mild Cognitive Impairment, increasing quality of life as we age and saving millions in the cost of care for individuals and businesses?


A study published in the Journal of Aging and Physical Activity offers evidence and hope.


Email me at, and I will send you the publication for FREE.


For a FREE personalized consultation to discuss how your facility could implement a SMARTfit program to improve the cognitive and physical health of your community, please email

Please get in touch with me if you would like more information.

Joe Lewis
Independent Contractor SMARTfit

JoeFitAsia will offer only top-of-the-line products and programs. More products are to be introduced soon.

JoeFitAsia is pleased to announce its renewed relationship with Performance Health Systems, which produces Biodensity and Power Plate products. Click here for more info!

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We're pleased to introduce Whole Body Vibration by Power Plate.

With Whole Body Vibration, everyone can benefit regardless of age or ability! Elevate your private club's wellness program and make it more inclusive and equitable for all members with a Power Plate vibration ecosystem.

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How it Works

Power Plate uses PrecisionWave™ Technology to send tiny vibrations through your body - up to 50 times a second. These tiny micro vibrations activate more muscles, burn more calories, improve circulation, and assist muscle recovery.

Trusted by Celebrities, Athletes and Doctors

Power Plate is used by Mark Wahlberg, Serena Williams, Professional Athletes, Doctors, and even Formula 1 drivers.

The engineering team at Power Plate has been innovating in the whole body vibration space for over 22 years. The engineers at Power Plate are obsessed with improving and refining Power Plate’s world-class equipment.

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