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About Joe

Joe Fit Asia has been one of the Premier Wellness and Fitness companies in Asia since 1978

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Joe Lewis, Founder & CEO

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In 1967 while attending the University of Hawaii, Joe worked full-time at the Hawaii Kai Recreation Center, which Kaiser Hawaii Kai Development Company owned. During his 11 years at Kaiser, Joe rebranded the Hawaii Kai Recreation Center into the Hawaii Kai Swim Tennis & Fitness Club, now known as the Oahu Club.
In 1978, Joe moved to Asia and opened his first gym at the prestigious Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia, and he went on to open over 40 fitness gyms and eight sports clubs from Seoul, Korea, to Surabaya, Indonesia, and Seattle, Washington, USA. 

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I am pushing wellness-fitness gyms to another level for hotels, resorts, gyms, corporations, and real estate projects to help them implement a sustainable wellness-fitness program for the long term. In doing so, I believe we will create an uncontested marketplace and make the competition inconsequential by offering superior-innovative gym design, amenities, gym branding, marketing, equipment, programs, and member service. 

The bottom line is the ability to charge higher fees and a faster #ROI. Intelligent and savvy gym owners should do nothing less."

From 2018-2023, Joe developed a wellness and fitness concept called 'Fit & Well,' and is presently promoting it and seeking investors to launch a flagship facility in Asia. For more insights into Fit & Well, click here!

Joe's management philosophy is based on Leadership and is simple: By Guiding, Energizing, Exciting, and Driving Culture.

There is no company politics when developing a company culture. If you want your company to move fast, politics is not allowed. It doesn't matter who the person is in the company.

Putting the right people on the bus is the key but putting them in the right seat is essential for success.

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