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Fit & Well Franchise Model

Fit & Well' offers a variety of wellness programs including neuro--rehabilitation and brain health programming.

A 'Fit & Well' personal wellness ecosystem consists of blending a variety of 12 modalities:

  • Neurorehabilitation and Brain Health. Fun engaging, gamification makes all the difference.

  • Improving Bone Density

  • Cardio & Strength Training for Active Aging

  • Whole Body Vibration Training

  • Gut Microbiome Testing, personalized dietary and probiotic recommendations

  • High tech tools for workout recovery (including red light therapy, which is optional)

  • Virtual Fitness Training on-demand 24/7 when you can not get to the gym

  • Salt Therapy Services - Get Salted!

  • Sleep Therapy

  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (optional)

  • RESULTS Personal Training (optional)

  • Stretch Therapy Services (optional)

Seeking Investment Partners

To open a facility estimated investment $650,000 - $850,000 depending on country, renovation costs, customs duties and options chosen.

  • Equipment specific to wellness programming, as well as staffing training.

  • Business Model includes concept, design, sales, marketing & branding.

  • Comprehensive gym hygiene program.

  • Results Focused.

  • Offering a Distinctive Difference.

  • JoeFitAsia Offers 'Fit & Well'a Boutique Wellness-Centric Gym Concept to gyms, sports clubs, golf clubs, hotels, resorts, corporations, universities, schools, hospitals, polyclinics, and real estate developers in Asia.

  • Estimated investment $650,000 - $850,000 depending on country and renovation costs. GREAT ROI.

  • Your Individual Business Model includes concept, design, sales, marketing & branding, staffing training, equipment specific to wellness programming, as well as a comprehensive gym hygiene program.

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