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Oh, the fun stuff that one gets to do with words-Niche-Centric-It. But these are profound words in the competitive world of fitness and wellness.

What is your distinctive difference in a world of highly competitive gyms and wellness programs? How do you differentiate? How do you be distinctive? Please don't tell me you have the best equipment. Or my brand is better than the others. Because you probably don't, and it probably isn't. More likely, it's like the old Coke-Pepsi blind-folded tasting test – most people couldn't tell the difference. I couldn't, nor could any of my friends. But the professional taste testers could.

A book pursued the tasting test called The Other Guy Blinked: How Pepsi Won the Cola Wars. It was the inside story of the business war that shook the soft-drink industry. I found the book fascinating because, at the time, I was battling a fight with my former first business partner in Asia, which hit the press in Bangkok in direct attacks against me in The Bangkok Post. It was a battle that went on for a year or so. Hindsight being 50/50, I should have ignored it. Having Irish blood and being a former US Marine, it was a fight I was willing to take head-on, do or die, OORAH, Semper Fi, devastate the competition–take no prisoners. Had I not been so Gung Ho, it probably would have been killed in place. At the end of the day, it didn't affect either one of us. There were, however, those sleepless nights. We went on to our successes, nonetheless. A lesson was learned, I hope.

We had different approaches to running the business. Perhaps our success was based on being the only international players on the ball field then and not many local gyms available. I can't say that today because global competition is coming from every which direction, nonstop.


Will you be entering the Cola Wars, i.e., The Fitness-Wellness Wars? Or will you be blazing a new trail forward? Niche-Centric-It!

In my opinion, blazing a new trail forward is an obvious choice. If it's yours, as well, guess what? It would help to take a 'calculated idiosyncratic business risk' (more fun words) because your success may depend on it. Otherwise, you will be just another fish, swimming downstream with the rest of them – and dumbing down. The competition is for losers. Swim upstream against the current.

More than likely, if you want to play with the big boys and girls, you best have a big-time marketing budget. How many of you are in that category? Me, I am not. At present, I am a one-person band. I want Fit & Well to be "The Best Little Boutique & Wellness Facility in Asia." I modified that title based on the movie released in 1982, The Best Little Whore House in Texas, starring Burt Reynolds, Dolly Parton, Don Deluse, and Jim Nabors.

Let me get directly to the point. Here's my 'Niche-Centric-It' pathway forward that leaves all the fish swimming downstream in groups fighting for the same sliver of that piece of the pie. Meanwhile, I am heading upstream, and I hope you are considering doing the same.

Fit & Well meets all the criteria for being Niche-Centric-It.

1. The Fit & Well concept is simple.

2. Medical and health issues that concern most people over 40 but include programs for sports performance, ages 18 and over. Health & Wellness Focused.

3. Evidence-based. Grounded in Research.

4. Results focused.

5. The field of wellness is wide open.

6. The facility footprint is small and manageable—less investment and overhead.

7. Offering a distinctive difference.

8. Ai technology driven and Generative Ai driven.

For more information about 'Fit & Well' for your company, gym, sports club, or investment opportunities in Asia, please contact

Mahalo & Aloha

Joe Lewis


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