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FLOW STATE / Mental Well-Being / Mindfulness

(Gavin Alexander Lewis, Highline Athlete, New Zealand - Walking across a Highline suspended hundreds of meters above a canyon).

One year ago, I published my first Blog, "Welcome to Our First Blog," dedicated to my son Gavin Alexander Lewis, Highline Athlete, travel photographer, and extraordinary son. I have an update on his Highline Adventures in New Zealand a year later. Here's the link to the first blog post. The sport of highlining was considered extreme wellness.

It's still an extreme sport, but it's safe if all the safety measures are applied. Now, the sport applies to mental well-being.

Watch below; you will see it covers a lot about mental well-being.

It is a documentary titled FLOW STATE, recently released and currently available on TVNZ+, showcasing Gavin Alexander Lewis and his fellow highliner Angelo Swan, residents of Queenstown, New Zealand. This film, created by three Massey University students, revolves around the dynamic between the two friends as they challenge each other in the sport of highlining. Additionally, it explores the impact of the sport on their mental well-being. One of the big surprises in the film is when Angelo divulges that he suffers from anxiety.

And now here's FLOW STATE.

I hope you liked the film, which has won a few awards already in Hawaii and New York.

In the realm of sports, the flow state completely immerses athletes in their endeavors, shielding them from external distractions that often trigger anxiety. If you've seen the movie "For the Love of the Game," starring Kevin Costner, you'll understand what I'm talking about. Detroit baseball pitcher Billy Chapel (Kevin) exemplified the flow state on the pitcher's mound, where he practiced clearing the mechanism of all the shouting, screaming, and name-calling from the opposing team and their fans. This heightened focus fosters a sense of joy and fuels a remarkable surge in motivation. Athletes find themselves driven by the exhilarating blend of absorption and accomplishment that defines the flow experience, propelling them to new heights of performance.

The concept of the "flow state" or "being in the zone" is expected in the military. Elite military units often incorporate mental resilience and psychological training to enhance the performance of their personnel. This may involve techniques to help individuals achieve and maintain a focused, calm mindset in high-stress situations. The ability to remain calm in battle, make quick decisions, and keep peak performance under pressure is crucial for military personnel, especially those in the special forces like the United States Marine Corps Force Recon and the US Navy Seals. Training methods often include stress exposure, simulated combat scenarios, and psychological conditioning to develop the mental toughness needed in real-world situations.

Two good films to consider watching are G.I. Jane, starring Demi Moore as Jordan O'Neill, the first woman ever given the opportunity to earn a place in the elite Navy Seals, and the other is documentary titled "Surviving the Cut Recon Marine, where Marines are pushed to unconsciousness in the pool, and wrestle 90-pound packs in the pounding surf of the Pacific Ocean. It's a man-breaking, all-out endurance test that forges top soldiers with unparalleled skills. One in three don't make the cut.

In the next Blog coming very soon, I will discuss, along with Gavin, how mindfulness practices can be integrated into sports training routines. I will also share a radio interview Gavin had with RNZ – Life on a line hundred metres up with Gavin Alexander Lewis.

Gavin Lewis & Carly Centracco, New Zealand

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"Embrace Radiant Well-being in 2024: Nurturing Mind and Soul for a thriving year ahead!" – Joe Lewis, JoeFitAsia.

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