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My Story – A Moonshot

My Story – A Moonshot I Have Been Planning for Many Years and Didn't Know It!

What is meant by a Moonshot? According to Google.

It may also reference the earlier phrase "shoot for the moon," which means to aim for a lofty target. Today, Moonshot refers to a new project that could have outstanding results after one intense, consistent effort.

Some famous moonshots today are that of President Joe Biden and Entrepreneur Naveen Jain. President Biden's Moonshot is to cure cancer—Naveen Jain's 1st Podcast regarding Moonshot, which I have posted a link to at the end of this blog. You don't want to miss this and subsequent podcasts going forward. He recently published a new book 'Moonshot.'

I recently discovered that I have a passion for helping others. I didn't know, but I liked what I was doing. I didn't realize it until I started developing my Fit & Wellness presentation to potential investors. My passion for helping others has existed for most of my working life.

It started when I was a Lifeguard in the Panama Canal Zone in high school, working for two years at the military base swimming pool. My primary responsibility was protecting the men, women, and children who used the pool for fun and recreation.

After that, I moved to Hawaii and was a lifeguard part-time at a private recreation center. In addition, a part-time swim instructor for toddlers and adults. I was a volunteer swim instructor teaching disabled children and adults at the Honolulu YMCA and a swim coach for Kalani High School for three years. I was a volunteer head coach for the Hawaii Kai Kayak Team for two years for youngsters 10-14. I was one of many that helped form the Hawaii Kai Fun Runners, which allowed community people to learn to train for long-distance running and potentially run the Honolulu Marathon.

A few years later, In 1978, I moved to Jakarta, Indonesia, and opened my first fitness gym, and for the next 26 years was involved in opening over 40 gyms and eight sports clubs throughout Asia. I trained several hundred-plus men and women for better health and fitness. In Jakarta, Indonesia's 2nd Vice President of the county and Head of the National Olympic Swim Team asked me to help coach the swimmers in strength training and stroke technique. My salary was $150 a month, and two bags of rice, which was the same paid to coaches in the other sports – I loved it! Not to mention it was a position one did not turn down. #lol. My buddy Buzz Green and I formed the Jakarta Indonesia Fun Runners for Sunday afternoon runs in Kunigan.

From 2011 – 2013, I volunteered in a program on social media called 'The Weekly Fitness Challenge,' which reached several thousand people weekly. There were about ten professionals involved, including myself and medical doctors from the USA, Australia, and Chile.

In 2012, I started developing a personal training program called RESULTS – an acronym for Revolutionary Energy Systems Using Lifetime Solutions. One of the most common threads in helping hundreds of members over my lifetime from Seoul, Korea, to Surabaya, Indonesia, was, "Joe, I don't have any energy." Thus, I turned my attention to learning as much as I could about improving people's energy levels. The result was RESULTS.

Now, I foresee a tremendous need in the world to help people. I am passionate about helping others with their physical recovery, mental health, wellness, and well-being; in one way or another, it is something I have been doing since I was a teenager. Hence Fit & Well is a two-fold challenge for me, one to myself to do it and the other to help people improve their lives.

I believe everyone should have at least one Moonshot in their lives. Joe Fit Asia and Fit & Well are mine. I love what I do.

What is your Moonshot? I would love to hear from you.

Thank you for reading my latest blog.

For more information about 'Fit & Well' for your company, gym, sports club, or investment opportunities in Asia, please get in touch with me at

Mahalo & Aloha

Joe Lewis

Link to Naveen Jain Moonshot Podcast


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