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Building a Wellness Concept within a GYM, Sports or Golf Club, or Corporate Office.

Welcome to my 3rd Blog post. Thank you for taking the time to read it.

Most of what I present here today is regarding Corporate Fitness & Wellness. However, the concept applies to existing gyms and sports & golf facilities that would like to incorporate the program.

I started developing the concept in April 2017, when my 85-year-old mother was in the hospital recovering from a severe injury of her backside right above her bum that led to sepsis. In addition, the doctors informed me that she had not scored very well on the cognitive testing. When she left the hospital seven months later, I was her caretaker for 4 1/2 years until June 2021, when she entered a nursing facility. My mom died 18 months later due to progressive dementia at age 91.

In the latter part of 2021, I finalized the concept that I call ‘Fit & Well.” It is only available for new startup gyms, and my goal is to franchise it in late 2024. However, I can modify the concept to fit the needs of corporations, existing gyms, and sports & golf facilities.

(‘Fit & Well’ is only available to new start gyms or existing gyms that want to rebrand 100%.)

Now back to Corporate Fitness and its place in the marketplace today.

Research shows that it’s BACK and maybe more significant than ever. During covid, we were overwhelmed by GOOP and others pushing their products for a fast buck. They were gimmicky, B.S. fitness and wellness programs that were all nonsense; because of covid, people now are demanding new fitness and wellness solutions that offer fun, social wellness, and scientific evidence-based programs and equipment that get RESULTS.

It’s been a challenging dating game for over 30+ years to get corporate fitness moving. If it weren’t for the covid pandemic to wake people up to demanding better wellness conditions from their employers, I believe we would still be trying to get that first kiss to move things along.

Here are the top 20 + 1 corporate companies to give you an idea of who is prioritizing employee well-being today.

1. Google

2. Patagonia

3. Sales Force

4. Johnson & Johnson

5. Cisco Systems

6. Intel

7. Deloitte

8. Adobe

9. Kaiser Permanente

10. Airbnb

11. The Clorox Company

12. Bank of America

13. IBM

14. General Electric

15. Hilton Worldwide

16. Procter & Gamble

17. Microsoft

18. Target

19. Best Buy

20. American Express

21. Your Company Name Here

No doubt, they all had an excellent hefty budget to provide top-notch facilities and services, amounting to several hundred thousand dollars. But you can do something for less and still offer super programs and services. Plus, you don’t have to purchase everything at once but can add on as the usage increases.

Do you want to offer a wellness concept within your existing gym, sports or golf club, or corporate office?

All you need is 65 square meters (the size of a squash court) or more to offer your members or employees a topnotch wellness program. The total investment will be at least a minimum of $90,000, depending on your budget, customs duties, and related taxes in your country. Under 65 square meters and the costs will be less.

Here’s a look at the type of programs you can offer your employees:

A personal wellness ecosystem that consists of blending a variety of 12 modalities:

Neurorehabilitation and Brain Health. Fun, engaging gamification makes all the difference.

Improving Bone Density – Better Bones. Better Blood. Better Balance.

Cardio & Strength Training for Active Aging

Whole Body Vibration Training – The Vibration Ecosystem

Gut Microbiome Testing, personalized dietary and probiotic recommendations

High-tech tools for workout recovery (including red light therapy)

Virtual Fitness Training on demand 24/7 when you can’t get to the gym

Salt Therapy Services – Get Salted!

Sleep Therapy

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

RESULTS Personal Training

Stretch Therapy Services

The 12 personal wellness ecosystem modalities are thoroughly grounded in research and considered among some of the top health and wellness programs globally. Improving the quality of life and potential longevity are two significant benefits of the program.

Please note that the personal wellness ecosystem is the backbone of ‘Fit & Well’; you can find more details on my home page under the ‘Fit & Well’ Franchise.

In closing.

What’s the Return on Investment?

Members and employees usually stay longer and utilize more services making the investment more attractive.

If you are interested in offering the above program in your facility, please get in touch with me via the email below, or if you would like to schedule a time to talk, let me know.

Thank you.





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