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Joe Fit Asia

With over 4 decades of successful industry experience. We work with fitness gyms and sports clubs to 'differentiate,' be 'distinctive,' and GET 'Results.'

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Services Offered

New Club Start Up

Equipment Recommendations

Club Marketing Solutions

Club Design & Space Utilizations

Human Resources

"It's 2023, and the consumer has awakened from their two-year pandemic slumber of WTF, BS nonsense of gimmicky fitness and

wellness products and programs.

They are now demanding new fitness and wellness solutions that offer fun, social wellness,

and scientific evidence-based programs and equipment that gets RESULTS.



Congratulations if you, the club owner, meet that criterion.

If you don’t meet that criterion but want to. Or if you want to convert your present facility or open a new one, 

please get in touch with me." 

---Joe Lewis, 2023 

"Embrace Radiant Well-Being in 2024: Nurturing Mind and Soul for a Thriving Year Ahead." - Joe Lewis

Meet Joe

Joe Lewis hails from Honolulu, Hawaii, and is a Hawaii surfer boy and former United States Marine Corps Force Recon (Swift Silent Deadly). Joe currently lives on Whidbey Island north of Seattle, Washington, USA, and is preparing to return to Asia soon. He is CEO of JoeFitAsia, a fitness & wellness solutions company that offers consulting services and equipment sales - "Helping Gyms Differentiate & Be Distinctive. "

In 1978, Joe moved to Asia and opened his first gym at the prestigious Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia.  Since 1978, Joe has opened over 40 fitness gyms and eight sports clubs.

Joe created RESULTS (Revolutionary Energy Systems Using Lifetime Solutions). The Ultimate Energy Lifestyle 7 Pillars of Dynamic Fitness, Nutrition, Health & Wellness.

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A Few Of Our Clients

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Latest From Our Blog

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Fit & Well

A Boutique Wellness-Centric Gym Concept

to open a Flagship 1st facility offering all 12 modalities in one of the following countries: Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, or UAE (however not limited to).

The Goal: Franchising.

The 90-140+ square meter scalable boutique model is a high-value, moderately priced wellness facility offering A 'Fit & Well' personal wellness ecosystem consisting of blending a variety of 12 modalities.

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For any inquiries, send an email, or fill out the contact form provided. 

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